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Separation Systems – Pod Contactors
  • Separation Systems – Pod Contactors

Separation Systems – Pod Contactors

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Most commonly used for liquid/liquid extraction, separation, reaction, and chemical washing, B&P Podbielniak® or "Pod" contactors use centrifugal force to accelerate processing speed. The unique counter-current design of the Pod ensures intimate contact and enables product in one stream to be transferred to another. Key features include:

  • Multiplies g-forces up to 3,000 times to accelerate processing - far exceeds single-g approaches such as gravity towers or mix settlers
  • Sensitive enough to separate liquids with specific gravity differentials as low as 0.01
  • Compact design saves valuable floor space
  • Variable frequency drives for automatic start/stop and cleaning operations
  • Processing results achieved on laboratory-scale systems are easily scaled up to production-sized systems
  • Highly efficient use of process liquids
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