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Mixing Systems – Vertical Mixers
  • Mixing Systems – Vertical Mixers

Mixing Systems – Vertical Mixers

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B&P designed and introduced the world's first dual planetary vertical mixer in 1958. Since then, we've placed hundreds of units in the field throughout the propellants, explosives and pyrotechnics industry. Our machines have performed with exemplary safety records and unparalleled reliability. In fact, that first machine produced in 1958 is still in service here in the United States. Key features include:
  • Dual planetary action eliminates the dead spot beneath the blade centers
  • Better distribution of ingredients, and has better thermal mixing effects
  • Patented design ensures the blades fully wipe the bowl bottom and wall, enhancing mixing efficiency and reducing bowl wall film
  • Constructed according to ASME standards for materials, procedures and welding
  • Zero catastrophic failures in over 50 years of production
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